Our artwork is created using locally-donated colorful glass bottles.

Since 2013, Unwined Studio has created eco-friendly, artful designs for garden and home. Post-consumer wine and liquor bottles are gathered from local restaurants and friends and combined with recycled window glass and stained-glass scrap.

These playful designs feature a combination of several demanding skills: glass painting and enameling, glass fusing, kiln carving, stained glass, wire wrapping, and metal work. The focus is always to maximize color and light. Using post-consumer glass provides an unending resource for unending design ideas!

Donated bottles are cleaned, cut into strips, discs and rings and then fused into glass jewels which are wire wrapped with solid copper wire and suspended from structural copper pipe and fittings.  Fused glass jewels are also combined in stained glass panels that feature hand painted designs created with fired glass enamels on float glass.  Each step is planned to maximize color and light.

Each design created at Unwined Studio represents a passion to create a beautiful and playful design while enjoying the fun of recycling.