Eco-friendly, artful designs made from recycled glass.

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Beautiful artwork made with attention to detail.

Since 2013, Unwined Studio has created eco-friendly, artful designs for garden and home. Post-consumer wine and liquor bottles are gathered from local restaurants and friends and combined with recycled window glass and stained-glass scrap.

Each piece is a focus on color, pattern and light.  Our designs play with shadows, creating interest, depth, and movement.  Created with fused glass jewels and locally sourced copper pipe and copper wire, there is a balance of tension between materials. Each design can easily transition to a window sun catcher creating a jewelry-like window dressing.

Unique and sustainable artwork for garden and home.

Unwined Studio artwork has been featured in gardens, porches, kitchen windows, patios, and more. Artwork comes in a variety of sizes, and each is ready to hang. If you don’t see something that is exactly right for your needs, we’re happy to discuss options for a custom piece! Commission inquiries may be sent to:

Versatile designs that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

All of our designs can easily transition from landscape and garden to window or wall. They are made of weather sturdy materials with careful annealing of the glass and sturdy copper wire and pipe. Unique and surprising when displayed in a landscape, garden items add color and movement. When used indoors, the copper weaving and glass jewels create an elegant and reflective result offering a beautiful balance when displayed with other art or a strong statement when displayed alone.