We Artfully Repurpose Wine Bottles into Beautiful, Useful, and Unique Items!

Donna Roy is a warm glass artist working with post-consumer glass.  Recycled wine and liquor bottles are collected locally and manipulated into beautiful and useful items for home and garden.  Each design is inspired by the color of the glass and the play of light.  Using cut and fused bottle glass combined with painted images, copper wire weaving and copper pipe, her mission is to show that recycling can be fun, beautiful and unexpected.  Her work has been exhibited throughout New England.

We are the creator of the Memory Wine Bottle Light. Your special photo can become a treasured keepsake. Contact us to create your treasured hand painted bottle light.

Thank you for visiting my unWINEd Bottles website.  Creating has been a part of my being since I can remember.  I am inspired by Matisse, Monet, and Kandinsky and I was heavily influenced by and trained in decorative painting techniques.  I hold a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Massachusetts..

My process includes gathering bottle and glass donations from friends, local restaurants and commercial glass shops.  Each bottle is cleaned, and prepared for use. Based on the end design, the glass is cut, melted, drilled or crushed into frit.  Resin, glass paint and enamels are used in my hand painted and mosaic designs.  Wire wrapping is done by hand and I use the highest quality copper wire, galvanized wire, jewelry wire and alloy wire, which are sourced in the USA.   My materials list also includes stained glass, scrap glass, float glass, varnishes, inks, glass paints and special epoxies that are weather tested.  I strive to create an artful design which takes life from the many glass colors and bottle shapes.  Each of my creations represents a passion to create something beautiful while enjoying the fun of recycling. 

It is my wish that you will have fun using my creations anytime, but especially when you gather with friends and a good glass of wine!  Don’t throw that wine bottle out!  It has possibilities for a new life!  I welcome commission work and look forward to hearing about your project!  I hope you will visit my Gallery to see what I’ve been up to!

Donna Roy

unWINEd Bottles

South Hadley, Massachusetts

Email:  unwinedbottles@gmailcom