We Artfully Repurpose Wine Bottles into Beautiful, Useful, and Unique Items!

These items include bottle lights, photo memory bottles, mosaic window art, lanterns, bird feeders, lumenaria, suncatchers, garden sculpture, tableware and more.  Our popular items make unique and memorable gifts!  Visit our Gallery page to see what we've been up to!

All of our items are handcrafted. All designs that include hand painting are cured and permanent. 

Bottles begin their transformation with sorting, washing and removal of labels. We gather bottles for upcycling from friends and a few restaurants. Each bottle is cleaned, and prepared for re-purposing. Based on the end design, the bottle is drilled with a hole, cut, melted, or transformed into glass frit for fusing and resin/glass painting.  Wire wrapping is done by hand when needed. Lanterns have our exclusive hand wire-wrapped candle holder, designed for durability.  Copper wire, galvanized wire, jewelry wire and alloy wire are on our materials list as well stained glass, scrap glass, art resins, varnishes, inks, glass paint and special epoxies that are weather tested.

All hand painted designs are done with a heat-cured glass paint which is permanent.  We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth when necessary.

Lighted Bottles are drilled in the back and the hole is finished with a grommet. This allows for airflow and/or the lighting electrical cord. Mini light strings or battery powered LED's are used in Lighted Bottles and if one or more bulbs go out, others stay lit.